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Achieve a higher quality of life managing your adobe analytics implementation

Acronym's team of certified Adobe Analytics experts understands the inner workings of the Adobe Experience Cloud. Data integrity is key, but the native interface doesn't always make this easy to accomplish.

We've built some neat tools to address some specific Adobe issues. These help us spend less time wrestling with our data and more time relying on it to improve our Clients' businesses. We're opening up some of these tools to the public for a limited time.

We'll email you links to the tools, and keep you in the loop for news and events.

What's included?

Get Variable Grid
Understand Report Suite Customizations

This tool outputs a print-friendly spreadsheet that shows the names and settings of all of your custom dimensions and metrics (AKA props, eVars, & events). This "variable grid" is an indispensable at-a-glance reference for understanding what you're tracking — and where.

Get Classifications
Keep your SAINT tables consistent

SAINT classifications are a powerful feature in Adobe Analytics. But sometimes tables can get misaligned across different report suites. This tool makes it easy to track down bugs in classification levels that prevent you from updating SAINT tables across multiple report suites.

Build VISTA IP Rules
Convert IP range/list to DB VISTA format

Updating a DB VISTA rule for IP addresses can be daunting: Adobe's required table format is one-of-a-kind and easy to screw up. This tool converts a variety of standard IP lists or ranges into Adobe's format.

Get Processing Rules
Extract your processing rules

Compare your processing rule setup across multiple report suites to ensure they stay aligned and improve data integrity

Who are we?

Acronym Analytics is a consulting practice that helps people deploy and get maximum value out of the Adobe Experience Cloud. Since 2006, we've been helping global brands implement, utilize, and optimize their digital analytics investments. Some of our services include:

  • Tool selection
  • Architecture design
  • Quality assurance
  • Tag management
  • Data integration
  • User & technical training
  • Report automation
  • Help desk / user support
  • Maximizing new features
  • Making you look smart

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